Thursday, November 10, 2022

Insistent Punctuality (REMASTER)

Next time let's just bring sleeping bags and get there several days early.


  1. I had checked in and proceeded to the security line. Not busy. Another reason roll my eyes at the requirement to be so fargin' early. AND THEN the power went out. Big windows, daylight, emergency cause for alarm. Within ten minutes, the electricity flowed again. But took at least twenty minutes for all the x-ray machines-computers-gizmos to boot back up. What else in the airport needed to boot up, I couldn't say. Anyway, it's a lesson I remember of one of the wonderful wild card things that could happen, and that an hour or two extra ain't so bad.

    1. Victoria, British Columbia. (Not trying to slur the airport's good name at all. As I say, one of those wild card random things)