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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beany Baby

I'm having a baby, and it's the size of a bean! Just like the Itchy Feet guy

That's right, soon we're going to be hearing the pitter-patter of itchy feet around the house! :O

We're on the twelfth week now - that ultrasound was done on the eighth week, which was two days before we left for a ten-day trip to Japan and Abu Dhabi! Naturally, I just had to make a passport for the little guy. So that's exactly what I did, out of one of my old German passports (I'm a dual citizen):

Used the early ultrasound as a passport photo:

We even got it stamped:

The Japanese one was just a tourist stamp, but the Emirates one is a real passport stamp! My wife asked the guy and he didn't understand English, so shrugged and stamped the tiny passport ^_^

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Standard Origins

How crazy flags from Friesland, Benin Empire, North Caucasian Emirate, Antarctica, Sicily and Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic most likely were conceived