Sunday, November 27, 2022

Completely Ruined

Why are they even ALLOWED to go that far back??


  1. Absolutely! Especially the Asian budget airlines have too little space for us European sized people even if the front sitting person does not tilt their seat. Our worst experiences: the family behind us allowed their baby crawl above my husband's back rest and drool over his head. On another flight we had a mother seated behind us with an older kid and the father with a toddler on the other side of the isle. Before the take-off the toddler was happy with her father, but when the plane reached the cruising altitude they shifted the toddler to the mother (right behind us) and she screamed the whole two-hour flight 'daddy daddy!' Incessantly. Right before the landing they switched her again to daddy, and she was happy and quiet thereafter. I just keep wondering what these parents were thinking.

    1. As a parent myself, I can honestly answer: we have no idea what we're thinking