Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just Married!

malachi rempen just married

For this week's comic I'm cheating a bit because, well ... I got married yesterday! I proposed over a year ago, and we finally sealed the deal yesterday evening in Venice, her home town.

As a wedding gift, my dad and a friend of mine conspired for the past few months to give us what they called our "first children", and I think you'll find them pretty great (click to enlarge):

itchy feet figurines 3d-printed

Aren't they amazing?! 3D-printed figurines based on the Itchy Feet guy and another surly character from this comic, I believe. As a kid I used to collect action figures, so this was like a gift from my childhood. He's even got the little backpack on! We used them as the figures on the wedding cake, and everyone was quite amused.

wedding cake toppers

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