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navigating asian indian traffic is like solving a moving jigsaw puzzle

Itchy Feet has a new character!

If you're clever, you've probably noticed that Itchy Feet is usually about Europe. That's because it's where I live and work, and have been for the past four years. I've learned Euro-languages, eaten Euro-food and married a Euro-wife. That's lovely, but did you know there are other places in the world?

My brother Erik does. For the past few years he's lived and worked in India, Thailand, and South Korea, learned Hindi, Thai and Korean at various levels, and traveled Asia up, down, backwards and inside-out. I've made comics about traveling through Asia as an outsider, sure, but he's got the inside scoop, and many hilarious stories to tell.

So, just for you, dear reader, I've asked Erik to put his experiences in comic form and contribute to Itchy Feet! He writes and sketches them out, and I illustrate them in the Itchy Feet style. He's already got a stack of sketches ready to go, and over the next few months I'll be rolling them out like curry tea in a sushi chopstick (is that right, Erik?). So the next time you see this happy fellow:'ll know you're reading an Itchy Feet Asia comic by my brother, Erik Rempen.