Sunday, October 16, 2022

Löng Wälk

And it was wörth it!


  1. My granddad does pretty much the same thing: "Sure, I know French*... but I doubt he knows me!" *rimshot* (*In Dutch, French is called "Frans", which also happens to be a name derived from François...)

  2. 'Voi olla' is a literal translation of 'maybe', but I guess very few Finns would use that to respond to a question like that, but rather 'Ehkä'.

    1. I was worried about that when I saw how many ways there are to say "yes." I shoulda checked with a Finn first! BUT at least we know the Itchy Feet Guy's only been pretending to learn Finnish, and only for 12 hours, so it's probably more appropriate that he uses the wrong one :D