Sunday, May 30, 2021

Utterly Pointless Question

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten a positive answer to this question
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Your pal


  1. This exchange happens often with any country. As you suggest, it seems inane, especially here in Canada when "Sarah" is in a city two time zones away. BUT NOT SO!

    (how to boil this down..?)

    I once went on a coach tour crisscrossing Great Britain. A marvellous time and I made friends with many of the various people from around the world also playing tourist.

    Cut forward two years. A close friend of my sister went on a coach tour of New Zealand. She chatted with her fellow tourists. One woman responded with enthusiasm. "Oh, you're from Canada! I met a guy from Canada went I travelled to Great Britain. His name was Murray."

    I guess the sheer distance involved spared me the "burning ears" sensation of two strangers talking about me.

    So, it never hurts to check "Do you know...?"

    1. I guess it happens rarely enough, but it's exciting enough when it DOES happen, that it's worth asking!