Saturday, May 22, 2021


Italian wife, Italian life
PSA: Feedburner is shutting down their support for email lists. That means that if you're reading this in your email right now, I'm going to move you to a Mailchimp list, which will start sending you these comics in June. You should not notice anything except a change in the formatting. Hopefully!

But if you mysteriously stop receiving Itchy Feet comics in June, check your spam just in case.

If you'd like to get ahead of the curve, you can already sign up for the Mailchimp list here, which I'm testing now. But I'll move the whole email list over either way. 

If you're following via RSS feed, nothing should change! Feedburner will still support Blogger feeds.

I'll repeat this message until we start in June.

Your pal


  1. 'Murica brother! best gosh darn nation on earth. (some say it's the only nation)

    1. Dang right. In fact Americans invented the idea of everything unless I have my history wrong, which I don't because I'm American