Sunday, December 23, 2018

Faithful Adopters

In Vietnam they take Christmas very seriously


Chúc Giáng sinh an lành!


  1. Can someone explain to me WHY do Viets love Christmas and HOW do they even manage to do such a stunt? I assume such celebrations need lots of money, and how could a nation whose economy state is rather in development sustain such a thing?
    Do not see my question as a cynical critic or insult, because my true motive is pure curiosity, and nothing else. And if anyone has got the time and willingness to answer, I highly appreciate it.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Have you ever been in Vietnam? If no, Vietnam is developing country - yes. But their economy is sustaining itself, the production is in-house rather than imported, so the cost is minimum. And the celebration is a benefit for tourims too; in fact, Vietnam 7.5% GDP is from tourism, compared to Thailand which is about 9 to 17%. BTW this is my opinion as a common people, so maybe I'm wrong.

    2. Wow, this's interesting data. I am Vietnamese. (my writiting is not good) In fact, tt is just our culture. Christmas Day's weather seems to be little bit cold, so we love gathering, going out, or doing some activities, warming each other with gifts. Christmas in our imagination is like that. In sum, it is not related much about our economy situation. It is just our culture.

      If you would like to discover more about Vietnamese's culture, feel free to ask me or send message: . I am curious about other countries' culture around the world.

  2. Americans don't quite get that pop culture is based on consumerist ideology that is propoted by modern media... I know that selling holidays too much got westerners tired, but when ex-USSR got out of economy crisis it was so nice to have all these nice holiday things sold everywhere. Probably Vietnam has something similar.