Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sedentary Workout

Plane air travel is exhausting even though you're sitting the whole time


...because my butt is tired!


  1. 100% agree!
    The checkerboard coloring pattern looks nice, too.

  2. The worst thing is that in economy the seats don't lie down flat...
    I've only flown business once before.

  3. It amazes me how much sitting all but destroys me while traveling.

  4. Sitting is a lethal activity.

  5. This is spot on, especially getting the passenger in front who leans back, and then at some point the parent with the crying baby, though in my case, they are usually in the seat just behind me.

    But after the joys yesterday of trying to get 25 miles to Glasgow on Scottish public transport after Storm Henry, I can say that the journey is even more tiring and tedious if it's by bus, because, as someone who suffers from travel sickness, I can't even read to make the time go faster.