Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cryptic Sequence

In French writing phone numbers down is the worst

I promise, I'm done making fun of French numbers. Peut-être.


(No phone number required)


  1. To be fair, in the time it takes for someone to say "4", you wouldn't be able to write down anything yet. :p "80 11" vs "91" could be a problem though, if the speaker doesn't distinguish the boundaries between numbers clearly enough.

    1. Yup! I'm pretty sure the rhythm of speech would allow the listener to distinguish between numbers fairly easily, especially between 4 20 and 80, since we always pronounce the E at the end of quatre to say 80, but almost never to say 4.

    2. That's why we pause between numbers. We never say "80 11" as "91", there's always a long enough pause between the two numbers.

  2. And anyway, I always do feel like I'm going on a battlefield when someone is about to tell me a number in a foreign language.

  3. There's a nice video about this kind of problem:

  4. Quatre vingt dix sept could have made it even worse.