Sunday, March 17, 2013

Picky Eaters

the french eat weird pig parts

Disclaimer: pig parts are a Lyon "delicacy," so I can't promise that all Frenchfolk are guilty of this.


  1. Great! The mystery solved.
    Stan always asked that question in China: What do they DO with the actual MEAT? Why do we just get pieces of small body parts?

  2. Terry Prachett once said something like, "You know if a cuisine focuses on gross parts of a pig, it's because someone stronger took the good parts." The snouts, ears, etc might be a legacy of times when men with big horses and swords took all the tasty bits...

  3. I'm french and used to live in Lyon, and I agree ahah
    But you're right: this is not the same everywhere in France ;)

    1. Yeah I used to live in Lyon as well. You know who LOVED the pig's feet? My Chinese friend!

    2. Taiwanese too -, this definitely sounds like my kind of menu! :D

  4. Meanwhile I try not to eat any part of a pig c I'm Jewish.