Sunday, April 7, 2024

Memory Screen

Parenting isn't about your kids! It's about what other people think of you.


⚡️ My New Game Launches on Tuesday! ⚡️

I know you already know this, but Power Vacuum is a card game I'm launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday! It's set in a world of anthropomorphic household appliances that live in a Cold War-ish dystopia. Yes, it's pretty weird. I'm doing all the illustrations and graphics for it, and the game is also very fun. 

I only need to figure out where I'm going to hide the Itchy Feet Guy in the game... 🤔

Your pal


  1. Well, I guess the dentist reckons it's better to put a place where most folks go for a vacation rather than for a holiday.
    ("vacation" is going to a place to relax, rest, and recharge. "Holiday" is to see, do, and go, go, go. Sleep when you return home.)
    There’s also the consideration that a “holiday” image will trigger a need for the patient to share memories and/or plans of travel. Talking and dental work do not mix.

    1. I never thought about the difference between "vacation" and "holiday," I just thought one was American and one was British usage...huh! I wonder if there is a real difference.

    2. The Americans also have holidays, but they mean a different thing there (e.g., religious holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc. ), and many of them are day(s) off from work and school.