Sunday, November 12, 2023

Zoning Out

Fact #5: we're all idiots!


  1. It is not that simple: it depends if you "lose" the hour in the morning or in the evening. I myself prefer the standard time so that I can have lighter mornings in the fall when days get shorter. Some other people may prefer that extra light hour in the evening.

    (I have tried to change my status from Anonymous to Google account but it does not work)

    1. Yeah that's true. I'd probably miss that. But then again those lighter hours are temporary, at least where I live, where winter eventually envelops it all in darkness anyway

    2. Same here, Malachi. The extra hour is a fleeting bonus that lasts two-three weeks before it's up in the dark and come home in the dark. I'm thinking that entire populations go thru this ridiculous effort solely for the benefit of those living at a particular latitude.

  2. If China can deal with one time zone, then Daylight Savings regions can afford to pass up a single hour.

    I hate Daylight Savings so much. Such a pointless exercise.