Sunday, April 16, 2023

Swearing Curse

It's #$%*ing tricky to swear properly in a foreign language!


  1. My experiences with this go all the way back to high school and taking Quebecois French. We thought it quaint and silly that "cursing" for them was listing various features in a church. It wasn't until much later that I worked with a emigrant from Quebec. We had pretty much the identical conversation to your strip!

  2. I've heard about an American guy who met his Korean girlfriend's father and introduced himself as "Joshua." The father kicked him out of the house, thinking he was just called a little bastard.

  3. Doesn't need to be completely different languages. My college buddy came over from the U.K. His parents came for a visit on campus once and my friend introduced our roommates, including one whose name was "Randy". The parents could hardly keep a straight face. Their slang and lingo registered that they had been introduced to our roomie named "Horny".

    1. That is very true! Randy used to be a pretty common name in the US, although I think it's diminished in popularity somewhat...probably for the better for all the poor Randys out there