Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Little Things (REMASTER)

It's fine. I'll just go around back and drink from the garden hose.


  1. You can put a Canadian flag in that teardrop as well.

    This takes me back to my first visit to England. On my first day out for a ramble, I stopped in a convenience store for some snacks. I reached for a pop and found the first can only vaguely cool to the touch. I pawed around a bit and guessed that the fridge must have been recently restocked. My bad luck.

    In the subsequent three weeks to follow, I never did find an actually cold beverage. I'm always keen to be a "traveller", and accept the customs of the land I'm visiting, but quirks like this make me react "Are these lunatics completely out of their @($#& minds?!?"

    1. Hah funny, we had the opposite experience in the south of Germany - my Italian in-laws requested a bottle of water at room temperature in a restaurant. It came ice cold.

  2. The water conundrum in Europe is quite mind-boggling.

    In the US & Canada, water is usually free at restaurants, but they charge you an arm & a leg for it in Europe. This is accurately portrayed in the comic.

    But when you're trying to buy bottled water from a grocery store or supermarket, it's way cheaper to buy it in Europe. I've paid a few cents for a 1.5-litre bottle in Europe. I've paid more than a dollar for much smaller bottles in the US/Canada.

    Then there's sparkling water. In Europe, there's almost no price difference. In North America, you pay out the nose.