Friday, April 29, 2022

Ideal Critic (REMASTER)

Kids say the helpfulest things


  1. One day, one of my students entered the classroom, absolutely beaming. When asked about it, she replied that the kids she'd been babysitting (she works as a sort of au-pair) had complimented her on her language skills. That has to be, without a single doubt, the highest praise a language learner can earn. :-)

  2. I've probably told this before; when we moved to the US we met a fellow Finn who taught Finnish language at the university. Her young daughter, maybe 3-years at the time, was attending an American kindergarten, and was very embarrassed about her mother's Finnish English accent.

  3. Yeah, I remember in high school when I first met some people (my peers) from US I felt like my English is not so good, but they kept assuring me that I'm doing great. Then some years later, when I got rather confident in English, I talked with my US cousin's children and they said my pronounciation is weird... -.-'