Thursday, August 12, 2021

Day In Day Out (REMASTER)

Good thing German food is tasty...!


  1. Food's all about the presentation? The condiments?

    I recently read a book where the young heroine experienced the first day at an orphanage. The head lady explained any shenanigans would be punished by a diet of bread and water. Now, go to your dorm room.

    The head's young assistant pointed out the young girl hadn't eaten all day.
    "Very well, fix her up with some tea and toast, but then straight to bed!"

    My brain couldn't help but think: Punishment is bread and water, but a bedtime snack is hot bread and hot water?

    1. Kinda like the apocryphal story that jailers in the early colonies were actually forced to limit the amount of lobster they fed to their prisoners because it was considered "cruel and unusual punishment." Which sounds silly, but it was a colonial prison so they probably weren't served with butter garlic. I could easily see a dish of lobster looking like a giant cockroach. It's all in the condiments and presentation!