Sunday, March 21, 2021

Pointed Inquiry


  1. Its because there is such an large part in american media. It seems that there are writers that missed their highschool expierience and some loathe that and still write about its and mostly it seems its a love/hate relationship with that time of their life. Those stories can only fit in that period of someone, it makes one believe that everything after that in being in adult seems more boring and dull.
    Its a combination of coming-out-of-age with batshit crazy drama and peaple abroad recognize it as its own genre. We think "Our school life wasn't that interesting/ Is american school life like that?"
    because we wonder, we are in awe, and think if we missed something
    I still like american teen movies and and sometimes still wonder if high school life is like mean girls
    and after that i would ask about other more relevant stuff

    1. Yes, it's pretty amazing how American influence travels FIRST via culture and media, and then followed by everything else