Sunday, May 3, 2020

No Fair

Quarantine weather is not on my side


I'll take any weather at this point!


  1. jokes on you, cloudy/rainy/stormy weather is much nicer to go outdoors than sweating dry hot sunny weather, at least locally where cold is normal 3/4 of year

  2. Same as in Italy. We never had so many sunny weekends as this year and I know for sure that the moment we'll be allowed to go out and ride our motorcycles again it will rain for 6 months straight

    1. All those sunny days are because there is way less particles in the air, with all those cars not driving.

      And particles are where the clouds condense and fall as rain.

      Be careful in the sun! That also means we have 20% more UV rays!

  3. The same here in the French alps; we've had sunny spell since the early March.

  4. *turns on gramophone* Ahem... I'm siiiiinging in the rain! Just siiiiinging in the rain! What a glorious feeling, to be outside again!!! *dodges tomatoes*

  5. Holiday in the Back Garden .-.