Sunday, April 19, 2020

Relative Indignity

Embarrassment during language learning is...relative, apparently


There's cake!


  1. When I was in Italy, I tried to say "I don't understand" with "Non capisco." Instead I kept on saying "No Caprese" and didn't realize it until the person had backed away slowly..

    1. hmm, what does "No Caprese" mean?

    2. "no cheese"

      depennding the original phrase from the italian person I imagine theirreaction ;)

  2. Damn people are mean

  3. Definitely different definitions of "embarrassing" seeing as both pronounciations are valid. In Bavaria and Austria nobody pronounces it as "zwanzich" unless they're a tourist from northern Germany. :)

  4. The worst thing happened while I was teaching English in Japan.
    I was teaching some very low level Japanese students so I thought it would be helpful to add katakana to my colour flashcards (katakana is a special phonetic alphabet for foreign words).
    I did not however, consult anyone, and when I got to 'yellow' I thought it was rendered as 'yarro'. I then brought that out to a group of elementary students and their horrified Japanese homeroom teachers.
    Yarro is an insult that means roughly 'son of a bitch'

    yeah, great day of teaching that.

  5. on top of having different definition of embarrassing, i guess he has different definition to literal as well

  6. the cake is a lie (portal reference) but i still will support!!

  7. The cake it a lie! but i still will support you!