Sunday, December 29, 2019

Eastern Parlance

Untranslatable words in Asian languages like Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian

Happy new year!


  1. FYI, muak is also an Indonesian word which means fed up, sick of and also the aforementioned definition.

    Aku muak dengan situasi ini! (I'm fed up with this stiuation!)
    Kamu muak sama kelakuan dia, ya? (You're sick with of atitude, aren't you?)
    Kita sudah muak makan kue ini. (We're tired of eating this cake (the word enek fits more appropriately))

  2. What are the phonetics for these words?

    1. They're written underneath! The bottom row words are pronounced more or less the way they're written.

  3. Thai here, followed you site since when you worked on alphabet jokes. Always loved your comic
    Further explanation of
    'Kreng jai' - actually means more of a description of feeling that you need to withhold favour people do to you because of politeness or to not look selfish. The word itself means an internal feeling. You can 'intentionally say the wrong answer to be polite' because you feel "Kreng Jai", but it can be used in other context when you feel that way.

    I guess it kind of means "I don't want to bother you" that you can say even if another party have already went out their way to do your favour, or offering you something.