Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lingual Envy

My son is being raised trilingual. He hasn't expressed his opinion about it yet, but I'm sure it ain't easy

I'm sure some days he feels this way.


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  1. So...
    What are you trying to imply, Malachi?
    Because I don't get it.

    1. Itchy thinks his kid is lucky learning so many languages at once.
      Beany thinks his dad was a lucky kid having to learn only one at the time.

      it's all relative, isn't it? ;)

  2. My native tongue is Spanglish. I liked it. I would have enjoyed adding a third language to the mix. The problem is... it didn't really stick. I still have some advantages in terms of Spanish--I've got that sort of instinctive 'that just doesn't sound right' reaction to poor Spanish grammar--but I'm no longer fluent, because I just wasn't around it enough after childhood.

  3. Good one!

    Here I really want a mouse-over text like in XKCD. Maybe "And every Tuesday Mama and Papa have their kid-free evening and the babysitter is a nerd that only speaks English."

  4. Ah lol. I wanted to write "Klingon". Why is the name Unknown when I am signed in?? No editing.

  5. I grew up with three languages, it was actually pretty cool. I'm not as fluent in two of them anymore as I was as a kid, I just don't use them enough. But learning my parent's languages made me connect a lot more to their countries of origin, (and I could actually talk to my grandparents who only speak a little basic English).