Sunday, February 26, 2017

Climate Change

20 twenty degrees in Britain England the UK United Kingdom is very different than 20 twenty degrees in Dubai Middle East hot country


  1. Oh yes!

    When we were in Tunisia, it was 17C (late winter) and I was going barefeet in the sea to feel the sand.
    Up on the dunes a mother put a woollen hat on her already glove-protected child.

  2. I had a Miata that we left in Delaware when we moved to Washington State, because its engine needed rebuilding. I got it fixed in December, and decided to drive it across the country. We decided on the southern route, because for two grown men in a Miata, we at least wanted to be able to put the top down part of the time and feel a little less claustrophobic. Not to mention that neither of us relished the prospect of having a stressful drive through snow the whole way in a car that just wasn't meant for snow. When we got to South Carolina, the temperature was probably 15° C. We joyfully dropped the top on that convertible, and then got really strange looks as we drove through a conservative area of South Carolina, two men in the middle of winter riding with the top down together in a small car.

  3. I could definitely relate to this. I'm from Singapore, but when I was in New Zealand, me and my family were wearing fleece jackets in the summer. The locals were staring at us and I think that was how we gave away the fact that we are foreigners. Or it was our face.

    1. In Singapore you were fleece jackets only indoors. My employer gave the employees jackets to be worn in the office since it was so darn freezing.

      But it is the same with Finnish Summer. When the first beams of sun are out and the temperatures barely above +15C or so, the locals are sitting on the patios in shorts and T-shirts sipping beer, while Italian tourists bundled in scarves and hats just pull their puff jackets tighter.

  4. perfect for the amazing berlin weather we're starting to get!