Sunday, September 28, 2014

Responsibilities Shirked

so you've graduated from college. work? grad school? travel!

Of course, the crossroads will surely be back...but for now, the open road!


  1. Oh how I wish I had done that. Although I started working and now I have saved enough to see probably every country I want. I think. I'm working my way through European capitals for the moment.

  2. That's the same route I took. But 3 years later, it seems that I have stumbled back upon the grad school path...

  3. Been working hard to save up money to travel. My travel buddy won't be able to join me on my next trip and I'm trying to get the gumption up to jump over to Europe again. First time took a lot of courage, Second time would be me on my own without knowing the language! Though I am getting better at reading German! Speaking it.. not so much.

  4. I took the grad school path, which led me to traveling. Almost 9 years since that decision and I don't have any regret :-)

    Very nice comics, by the way :-)

    1. True, often times the paths intertwine. Sounds like you made tr right choice, though.

  5. Sadly you need to work to travel

  6. I like how the word GRADUATION is massive,with a tiny sign saying "real world".