Thursday, February 3, 2011

Le Linguistíque Nerves

getting the nerve up to speak french


  1. there is a farside like this where tarzan is swinging through the jungle saying "Hello, my first name is tarzan, welcome to my home" "Greetings, so nice to see you today jane" and he swings up to Jane and says "Me Tarzan. You Jane." Doh.

  2. Been there, done that. When I had been studying French for a year, I visited France for a week and did okay in most situations. Then after studying French for another year, a French market came to town.... could I ask the price of a croissant? Noooooooo....

    1. On the way to Italy on a coach trip, we stopped off in a petrol station in the south of France for "breakfast". I was pretty tired by this point (no sleep before getting on the coach because I'd left packing a bit late, not much sleep on the coach either of course…) so I was a bit unsure of myself. But I managed pretty well, "Good morning," "Are these the 'canettes'?" "I'm sorry I haven't any change," all in decent French… Then the cashier couldn't get the till to bring up exactly how much the "canettes" were, and asked me. I needed to say "50 cents". Well, I remembered how to form the regular multiples of ten, and I remembered "50" was one of them. Could I remember the word for "five"? No. No I could not. I waved five fingers at her, which was enough, but I guess I was more tired than I thought!

  3. I was sorta expecting more comments as this IS the first strip after all.