Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Over the Line (REMASTER)

There's right and wrong, and then there's just pure evil.


  1. This is not quite the same but ... It happened in Prague in mid-90's --- that was the time when many restaurants posted an English menu outside, but when you entered they gave you a menu only in Czech. We managed to order and eat our meals, and then one of us wanted to order a dessert to share and he picked something from the menu. Our server was like "no, you don't want that" (she did not speak English but it was quite clear what she meant), the friend of mine was adamant that that's exactly what we wanted and what we got: a big bowl of boiled potatoes.

    1. Haha! And is that what your friend wanted for dessert??

    2. Haha! :]
      A friend of mine had a similar problem: he's English, and we were in a Flemish restaurant. He knew the word "vrucht" means "fruit", so when he saw that on the menu, he told the waitress he wanted that thing for dessert. She replied it would probably be a disappointing choice. The full word was "zeevruchten" (literally "sea fruit"), meaning sea food (similar to the French "fruits de mer").