Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Grammar Soup

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Hi again.

The folks at Tinyview and I have gone back and forth on it, and in the end I decided, and pitched to them, that I return to doing new Itchy Feet comics exclusively on Tinyview starting this week.

Why? Because I want it to succeed! Tinyview is like a print newspaper taking Itchy Feet on as a regular on the comics page (which I read every morning without fail as a kid - early research, I guess). If exclusively publishing on the newspaper means the newspaper does better, then I get to keep getting paid to do it, which is honestly a dream come true.

I know this may drive many of you to rage-unsubscribe and stop reading Itchy Feet altogether. I get it; I heard all your reasons a few months back and I understand. To you, I say: thanks for reading all this time! I hope to see you again soon. No hard feelings? 💖

To everyone else, I will still be posting these weekly links every Sunday (plus another one for each remastered comic), so it'll just be one more click to get your Itchy Feet fix. And since Tinyview doesn't have a comments section, I'm going to up my engagement in the comments right here as well. 

Also, I know "pls subscribe" is probably the least-liked phrase of our times, but if you do get yourself a paid Tinyview subscription (for $0.99!) you'll be supporting me as an artist, AND you get bonus content. Not so bad right?

Love ya


Thursday, February 4, 2021


Germans. The rules.

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