Sunday, October 24, 2021

Deadly Days

How do YOU honor the dead?


  1. I can't believe this. When I try to access today's comic, I get a message that I've already visited 10 time on the web, and if I want to continue reading this comic, I MUST install the app. I don't use my phone to read comics, or for any similar fun) activity, but my laptop. So I guess it is the end of the Itchy feet era for me.

    1. Try opening a private tab in your browser.

    2. Sorry to hear that tei :( -- they really want to drive app installs, because, ya know - startup stuff. And I'm happy to support whatever they need to do to keep supporting my livelihood! But I understand it's frustrating.

      Apart from anonymous' suggestion, you can also become a patron - I post the full comics to patreon supporters every week.

      I appreciate your patience!

    3. Private tab works, thanks for the tip. I will certainly consider the patron option. Thanks. I truly love your comic.