Thursday, October 28, 2021

Casual Costuming (REMASTER)

Halloween in Italy is very...specific


  1. I don't get it. Italians wear Mario clothes for Halloween?

    1. Italians go very light on the dressing up on Halloween. Americans go all out on costumes, often choosing to dress as characters from pop culture. Malachi is an American living in Europe, so his first Halloween in Italy probably led to this discovery.

    2. Thanks for clarifying. That makes total sense now. Some things I find interesting about this:
      -both the Celtic and Christian roots of Halloween appear to be dealing with ghosts and (sometimes evil) spirits;
      -in North America, the tradition started from this but blossomed into something much larger during the 20th century;
      -perhaps due to intense commercialization of the day, Halloween in the US is no longer just about "spooky stuff". Any costume goes. This blurs the difference between Halloween and Carnival.
      -Europeans, especially those with a strong Carnival tradition, are confused by that assimilation.