Sunday, October 31, 2021

All Hallow's Origin

If the dead could speak, they'd want us to party down


  1. You've kinda baffled me on this recent thread of Halloween compared to Day of the Dead...or is it Halloween versus Day of the Dead? Rightly or wrongly, I'm coming away with the idea that you consider the carnivalesque fun of Halloween tacky and gauche while the garish cacophony of "Day of the Dead" is somehow dignified and sophisticated.
    Well, comparing the two is ridiculous. Halloween in Canada and the USA (minimum) has not had anything to do with spirits and dead folk for at least a century. It's one big fancy dress party. Might as well compare Day of the Dead observances with...Fourth of July festivities for all the commonality.

    1. I don't think Halloween is garish or gauche! I went as a strawberry this year. But it does trace its origins to day of the dead celebrations so I thought it would be funny to juxtapose them...of course what I think is funny is not always shared by everyone...!