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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cruel Intentions

Sometimes I have to admit when the airport security checks takes apart my bag I start feeling a little murdery


...to pay for my bail!


  1. When you tidy up your room, but someone else comes wrecking havoc on it and orders you to clean it up.

    I can relate.

  2. And here I thought he was behind bars because of the explosiveness of his bag!

  3. Oh man this exact situation happened to me at Sydney Airport on my way back from Japan! I was so mad because they thought a pair of souvenir chopsticks was a "deadly" stapler?! Still bitter because that bag was a work of art.

  4. So true...I've had the same situation at the airport in China.

  5. I sometimes take photographs as I pack so I can repack it the same way if this happens. Which it does a lot, because airport xray machines are no match for the amount of stuff I can fit in a carry on.

  6. I love Itchy's eyebrows in panel 5...they're very expressive >:c