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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Welcome Friend

Best friends in India


...and I'll give you fun stuff in return!


  1. Haha! Is the curly-moustache guy also meant to be Indian? Sorry if I'm a bit slow/borderline racist on that detail, never saw an Indian like that. He looks more Italian or some other fancy European. But I found this funny nevertheless!

    1. I've seen Indians with the most magnificent mustaches in the world - curly, straight, all shapes. This curly 'stache was meant to encapsulate all those in one.

  2. This actually happened to me when I went to India last year. Spot on.

  3. Honestly, if I knew I wasn't gonna get scammed, this would be kinda ideal foreign travel for me. Just missing the money bit. XD

  4. I've been to Salvador (Brazil), a couple times, and that's pretty similar.

  5. Haha, it always helps to have a host family. We noticed a lot of price differences when it was just us and when our hostess came along.
    Also, my other awkward experience along these lines was getting in a long line for the regional attraction. It was a very long line, but we stood out as the only white people (not a very tourist-trod city though it deserved to be). We were in line for about a minute, bracing for a thirty minute wait, when someone shouted from the front "foreigners! foreigners!" Suddenly we were first in line, getting sales pitches for premium tours, with a special foreigner price tag. I understand the price tag, we don't pay civic taxes after all, but it was a little walk of shame getting pulled ahead of this long line of native people who were doomed to wait the next thirty minutes.