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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Medical Oversight

TFW you pack every type of medicine for a trip except the kind you actually need.


...so I can get a bigger medicine bag!


  1. anti-itch cream AND itch cream? :D

  2. Somehow, it's always the thing you didn't pack, isn't it? Sod's law ;)

  3. I noticed in the last few comics that your wife's character's hairstyle has been changing. If this is indicative of real life, then you're a really good husband for noticing.

    1. Hah! You know what, you are the first to point this out - even my wife hasn't caught it. Or if she has, she hasn't mentioned it.

      It's actually not because I'm such a good husband that I faithfully recreate her constantly-changing hairstyle, but rather that when I first drew her I couldn't remember how to do her hair the same way each time so now it's just a running joke with myself that it's never the same ^_^

  4. Aspirin in a kid's medicine kit is a no-no

  5. I've been on planes with these people before. It's funny as hell to watch some mom dig into a bag the size I see friends of mine that are EMTs carry for work. And they still don't have what they need.

  6. It's always the thing you forget to pack that you need. Always.

  7. This reminds me of the time I managed to cut myself in the airport, and while I had packed a first aid kit, it was in my checked bag. I had to buy bandaids at airport prices. :(

  8. I think you cursed me! After I read this comic, I actually got the flu!