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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Relatively Inclined

In Netherlands hills are small bridges very flat in Switzerland flat is mountains


...at any altitude!


  1. Such contrast between two nations.
    Anyway, like your comics. Keep up the good work.

  2. There was one curvy and hilly road in Singapore that we used to run, and it always felt relatively hard going up. Then we moved to the French Alpes. After two years here we visited Singapore and run that road again, and kept wondering where the hill had disappeared --- it felt practically flat.

  3. Netherlands is flat, no hills or valleys.
    Switzerland is rugged, with rarely a field to be seen.

  4. Nice:-)

    The same kind of relativity would occur regarding temperature. When I taught in Germany, I found 25°C equivalent to a Scottish heatwave, but my Italian and Southern French students still found it on the cool side.

    Eileen McDonald

    1. When I (German) was on holiday in Italy and came back, the 25° also felt nearly fresh.

      And Tunisia, late Winter, it was around 20°C.
      I was walking bare feet in the water, used to ~5° in Germany.
      The Tunisian mother was putting a woolen hat and and gloves on her child.

  5. The American equivalent would be Illinois or Nebraska versus Colorado or much of California.