Sunday, March 11, 2018

Little Big Friend

Colombians are your best friend if you speak even a little bit of Spanish


Good news!
Itchy Feet: the Travel Game is now available to purchase! Hooray


  1. Wait,
    Are you saying Columbians will befriend you just because you speak a little Spanish?

    That's funny.

    PS: shame I can't buy the game. I'm from Indonesia, kilometers away from the stores that sell it.

  2. I miss Colombia! Soy samaria...

  3. If you go to Colombia, you better speak at least a little Spanish. In my experience - several months, mostly spent in Bogota - NOBODY speaks any English in Colombia! Even in the visa office!

  4. Oh, man, this is true in just about any Spanish-speaking country, which is why I love them. Knowing the language is taken as a huge compliment, and it's so encouraging to someone learning the language. In Mexico, in a marketplace, a vendor asked me to sit down and talk with them, wanting to know all the reasons I was learning Spanish.