Sunday, March 31, 2024

Side Standards

I'm in the Virgin Islands right now, and lemme tell ya, those left curves are ALARMING.


🚨 New Thing Reminder! 🚨

I didn't forget this week to remind you! Next next Tuesday (April 9th) we are launching a new game on Kickstarter: Power Vacuum! It's a game where you have to outmaneuver other anthropomorphic appliances to obtain absolute power by using...well, by playing cards, of course. 

We worked a lot on this one, and if you like trick-taking games like Hearts or Spades or Bridge but wished the cards were illustrated with whimiscally dystopian art by yours truly, then heck yeah it's for you!

You can follow the link above (or click the image) to learn more and stay tuned for when the game launches.

Okay, Happy Easter!

Your pal

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  1. China: Wheel on the left, drive on the right. Unless it's Hong Kong or Macau.

    Netherlands: Wheel on the left, drive on the right. If your car is really small, then drive on the cycling lane.