Sunday, March 17, 2024

Italian Outlier

It wasn't the first time Poland was acting the mischievous scamp, and it wouldn't be the last 🇮🇹 😝 🇵🇱


🚨 New Thing Alert! 🚨

Hello beloved reader - I've got a new game coming soon!

It's called Power Vacuum, and it's a trick-taking game (in the genre of Spades or Hearts if you've played those) set in a dystopian world of anthropomorphic household appliances in which you build a statue to your own greatness. It's coming to Kickstarter next month - click the banner or here for more info.

The game was designed by my pal Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher, published by me under my Keen Bean Studio imprint, and all the illustration and art direction is also by me! It was a great fun challenge to draw appliance-people in a Cold War setting - not what I am used to, that is for sure. Here's a sample of some art that appears on a card:

We launch in April so I will be mentioning it in emails over the next couple weeks.


Your pal,