Sunday, October 29, 2023

Cromulent Flubency

I'd stake my entire reputation on it! Sure, that's a low-stakes bet, but it's what I've got to work with here.


  1. Love the umbrella. Had absolutely nothing to do with the joke, but it's just such a nice detail! ^^

    (On a related note, people who make a mistake in saying "I speak fluent Dutch" ("Ik spreek vloeiend Nederlands") often say "ik spreek vloeibaar Nederlands" (meaning "liquid" ;-P))

    1. Yes the "liquid" mistranslation is very similar to the German one.

      Glad you mentioned the umbrella! I needed a way for it to be clear he was coming home after being "out and about," otherwise it just looks like he walked in from the other room. And it's always nice to have the characters doing something rather than just standing talking at each other. When I was making films, this was called giving actors "business." Like washing the dishes, sorting screws, tying their shoelaces, whatever. Just something to make the moment more interesting than talking heads.

    2. In my world of writing books/stories, we use "business" in exactly the same way. (scratching my chin) I wonder where/when the term actually originated?