Sunday, November 22, 2020

Small Comfort

Towels in the USA are heavenly bodies. In Europe they're used mostly to smooth out gravel runways

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  1. Fabric softeners may cause skin irritations and reduce the fabric's ability to absorb water (what towels are for). I never use it, is it common to use it with everything in the USA?

    1. well, makes sense in USA to use softeners when average american resembles jello blob, so hard fabric might rub them in droplets

    2. Use of fabric softener is common in the USA, but my family never used it. We did always use a machine dryer to dry clothes. Now that I'm living in Germany (and beforehand initiated by my German wife) we use a air/line dryer. When my parents come to visit, they complain about the scratchiness of the towels, but I find once you use them one, they're as soft as machine dried towels.