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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Simplified Salutation

India has 22 official languages including Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Better start studying!

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  1. just embrace goofiness. embarrassment is a useless feeling anyway

  2. well, nordic countries dont hug/kiss when meet,specially if not close relatives/love interest , and if you are stranger please stay few meters apart to greet (wish covid restrictions would end soon so we could get back to 5meter distance)

    1. if it's more than 5 meter, how are you sure the person is greeting you ? ;)

    2. Trust me, ppl accustomed to it know

  3. We have always been wavers in my home country, so luckily my world isn't being turned upside down by this (even though I live in a country of cheek-kissing)

    PS: so apparent the custom in the country that woman's from is...kissing on the teeth?? :P