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Sunday, September 8, 2019


In Germany, don't touch the fruit

...no touchy!


  1. Kind of related question, I guess: What about taste testing foods, such as grapes? Obviously not in a small place like a market stall where the person is standing right there, but I know some people who'll do it in the supermarket - or is that just a US thing?

    1. In Germany, if at all, it's the opposite.

    2. In Austria, the small stall owners will offer you some grapes to taste if you look undecided enough. But noone would taste test stuff in the supermarket. Probably bc everybody assumes that everyone else has touched everything so you'd really like to wash it. While at the small stall the fruit and veg aren't touched as much.

    3. Wow, I'm in the US and I wouldn't taste test grapes in a store before buying them. The only acceptable taste testing I've come across is at the ice cream or deli counter, the employee will give you a tiny cup containing the food you want to try.