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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Combien de Bises?

How many times do you kiss on the cheek in France


Smoochy smoochy


  1. That's a lot of kisses...
    I think the French are really obsessed with it.

  2. Well, I have to disagree a bit. There are people who kiss and people who shake hands. My experience from the first months here was that EVERYONE shakes hands, not just upon meeting but also when departing, like plumbers, the movers, or anyone visiting our place to do some work or check the water meter.

  3. I'd lose track. Can you just mirror the other person?

  4. Three in Switzerland, you can't imagine how much tension it creates when we meet French friends X'D

  5. I'm working (and living Mostly) in Lyon (middle east France) =2 Kisses
    but mostly my family is in the south near Avignon = 3 Kisses
    I studied in Aix en Provence (south east too but "parisian style") = 2 Kisses and in Paris = 2 kisses
    I have cousin in Strasbourg = 2 to 4 kisses, they are wild there; and in Britanny =1 to 3 kisses...

    Even me I'm confused... and it's even worse when you change from one site to another after a time ^^

    BUT in effect, there are still a lot of time when you do not kisses : at works it depends, generally you kisses people from your team but not the one in meeting, and outside like people who intervene in your house you only shake hands.

    Not a lot of hug in France (family mostly)

  6. I wonder, do they do it even to the opposite genders?

    1. Yes they do. And as young as teenagers do it regardless of gender.

  7. "They don't call it that in France." Okay, so what *do* they call it in France? :-D