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Sunday, February 18, 2018


Every bratwurst sausage in Germany is the best one


...to celebrate all the best wurst!


  1. I ate an awesome one in Berlin back in 2008. The only thing I don't get is the bread choice. Why such a small, round bun for such a big, long sausage? Nonsense XD

    1. There are several sorts of Bratwurst, not all are that long ;)

      Also its a f*** bun not a baguette. And of course then there are the "Ossi-Schrippen"

    2. I usually break it in half and fold it back in. Pro tip

  2. A Swiss friend of mine found it baffling that the designation "bratwurst" is anything special in the US. If I remember right, in German it's just a word for sausage and just means that in Germany and nearby countries, but here in the US, it's considered "special" and one particular type of sausage... and for some reason, "adult only food" when I was younger. Maybe it was that particular crowd... too stingy to let the kids eat the nicer sausage.

  3. Did you have the EsS Bahn at Tegel Airport in mind when drawing this?