Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tricky Implement

Chopsticks are hard to use. Forks are the best


...because I'm a fan of all utensils.


  1. Could call him extra clumsy idiot. Even if used to use fork or knife and fork, chopsticks are fairly easy and no-brainer to use.

    1. You know, it may be intentionally exaggerated (like the bowl 'jumped' onto his head) to make the situation funnier in a comic. However, it *can* be challenging to use chopsticks, especially if the food is slippery or have liquid in it.

    2. Yes, and some chopsticks are just impossible to use no matter what the food is.

    3. The type that are more oval than round are pretty infuriating. I'm usually good with chopsticks, but those never work how they're supposed to.
      Also, lightsaber chopsticks are cool, but stuff slips off them so easy.

    4. I never exaggerate, ever. Except for the purpose of humor, and also if I feel like it.