Sunday, December 4, 2022

Amigo Falso

I'm always so 'embarazado' when I'm speaking a foreign language and use a similar-sounding but incorrect word!


  1. I was teaching an ESL class on food and we got into a discussion about GMOs and processed food. When the word "preservatives" fell, a few of my students had trouble stiffling their giggles. That was the day I learnt it means something very different in Spanish.

  2. The same in French. Another false friend that gets me (and my French colleagues) confused is 'deception'. I've studied deception (as lying/deceiving), but for my French friends it means something completely different.

  3. I was disappointed to be told once that "adieu" was not the word to use for "goodbye". It has such an elegant tone to it over "au revoir". But apparently in France, adieu is only used for a "final farewell", like at funerals or maybe when someone is emigrating to the other side of the world.

    Of course, English has this in abundance. Just try introducing a friend named "Randy" to some British ex-pats and watch the grade school giggles.

    1. Or try playing one of my favorite board games, "Root," with any Australians 😆

  4. it's so funny and interesting. great way to understand the concept of language