Sunday, August 1, 2021

Out of Practice

Like they say, use it or lose it.


  1. "i have my toothbrush and my passport, see you in six weeks"

  2. For the first panel, my reaction for several years was: "You can check in online? And it WORKED?? Reliably??" Each trip saw a different online system as the airline tweaked and "fixed" their earlier mistakes.

    1. Hey you know, magic is always met with suspicion initially

    2. I remember online check-in backfiring on me tremendously. I remember going through the idiot-proof step-by-step process and printing my boarding pass at home. At the airport, I went through the security procedures without a hitch; my boarding pass was scanned at least twice throughout the process, and not once was I ever questioned by airport security personnel.

      I made it to my gate without any issues. Until my flight started boarding, that is. When it was my turn to present my boarding pass, the gate attendant yelled at me for not having a "real" boarding pass. She then made me stand in another line so I can have a traditional boarding pass printed.

      Two years later, it happened to me again with the same airline, but in a different country. I thought the previous incident was just a weird one-off occurrence. Online check-in was far from a new concept at the time. I don't know why they bother having online check-in if they're not even going to honor it.

    3. Yeah, computers make idiots of us all sometimes. For sure