Sunday, October 25, 2020

Slowed Rage

Driving in Italy. And, I am sure, many many many other places

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All right, patient readers - this is the last week of my Tinyview-exclusivity experiment. I've been appreciating all the comments, both positive and critical. I've also been pleasantly surprised to see some of you long time readers, first time commenters coming out of the shadows to let me know your (sometimes quite strong!) feelings. Nice to meet you :) 

I have to say, I'm quite touched that so many of you enjoy Itchy Feet enough to feel strongly one way or the other. That means a lot - sometimes I make this comics and push them out into the void and I don't really know whether it's having an impact. It's just a silly travel comic after all. But this month I've seen that it does. So - thank you for reading! How fun.

If you want to have your opinion heard on the idea of Tinyview exclusivity, I'm all ears for one more week!

Your pal


  1. I've been following Itchy Feet for years on my laptop, and still probably will even in Tinyview, but I really prefer the old "classic" format, in which I can view all (or most) panels at same time (no need for scrolling).

  2. Hey there, myself I find absolutely no issue in Tinyview, on the contrary i find Itchy feet to be the perfect comic for this format.
    I get updates on new comics by email, I assume that will stay? I also would like a RSS implementation, i prefer it better than emails

  3. I don't mind either way, but I get notified of new comics via rss feed, and for some reason the tinyview link doesn't come through, meaning I have to click in to here and then into tinyview from there. Just a bit frustrating.

  4. I just wish you'd post all comics on tinyview to here as well ... because I cant in good conscience even open links to there with how awful that site is, its really designed for mobile only, in such way that on desktop its horrible for reader; if you really go tinyview exclusively this shall be good bye and only memories of icthyfeet comic

  5. and I do not believe tinyview will ever become usable for desktop could have sought webtoons or tapas as external publisher (both fairly popular and both are good to read on both desktop and mobile)

  6. I really strongly prefer comics posted on the Website.