Sunday, September 20, 2020

Good vs. Evil

Some people just want to create madness and chaos

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  1. well, checking timezone is pretty easy with computer, just type on google 7 am (his location) in (my location), done

    1. Yes. It's a mild annoyance at worst. But I permit myself some exaggeration with my comics

  2. neutral: "How about we schedule to 7am GMT?" while one is in asia and the other in the americas.

  3. As a southern hemisphere dwelling person, I find sometimes the other person doesn't always get the daylight savings hour right when they convert in their head, so I'm better able to trust someone who gives the time in their time.

  4. I once failed miserably to be in the first category: there was 5 hours differences, but instead of removing 5h… I added 5h. Oops.

  5. I manage committees with 20+ members who connect from across the country or in some cases globally. Telling each member the meeting time in their time zone isn't possible, so I just say it in my time zone and they can all figure it out themselves. Usually their computer figures it out for them automatically, though.

  6. It's especially annoying when someone tells me "it's at 12pm your time" or something like that, and then I have to figure out how to convert that from am/pm to 24-hour clock.

    I usually ask people to just send me a Google Calendar invite, which will do the conversion for me.