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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Travel Type

Difference between tourists and travellers

...no matter who you are!


  1. ”Haggles; gets ripped off”

    OMGGG =-D

  2. Makes smug comics... :)

  3. "Self-congratulatory"? Just because I'm an awesome lone-wolf, maverick (and handsome) traveler, and see myself as better than those cattle-like tourists, doesn't mean... Oh, there it is. Yup, you're right! 😂 Great post, Malachi!

  4. I check countries off of lists not necessarily because I want to brag about the quantity of countries I've been to, but because I want to avoid repetition.

    It's clearly not working out for me, because on my next trip, I'm going back to three countries that I've already been to.